Learn compassion for yourself and others

This image of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Bodhisattva of Compassion,
welcomes you with open arms in our studio.
Quiet your inner critic. Awaken your inner teacher.
Practice deeply with us and float with compassion, on and off the matt.

Room for movement

Yoga in small groups, max. 12 participants per course
High awareness of yoga teachers on you
A deeper experience in your yoga practice

Find your centerpoint and extend yourself

so many possibilities for your enlightenment…
  • Genius Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Core Power Yoga
  • Meditation

In the darkness, you become the light

Bring peace in your life.
Let yourself heal, naturally.
Acquire inner and outer strength..
Change yourself, change the world.

Say Yes to your inner self

Yoga in the light-filled room
– strength and softness at the same time…
Getting to know your inner self through physical centering…
Where you let your attitude be a gentle intention …

Spirit Centered Yoga for Innsbruck

Attention to the Body and Mind with Spiritual Intention

Class Schedule

The JaYoga Studio with Doug is currently not in operation.

A new location and classes are available – click on this link to view.

Private sessions and Genius Yoga Courses are available.

No events

Description of Open Classes - Learn more...

  • Core-Power Yoga – Learn a special relaxing series of 26 asanas for an efficient and flexible body and mind. Level 1 (90 minutes)
  • In the Flow Yoga – A mixture of yoga poses (asanas) with flowing movements in the basics, refining and learning new – in some cases challenging – positions. For people who want to bring their experience into mental relaxation and from time to time to test their limits. Level 1 (90 minutes)
  • Genius Yoga – This blend of yoga and mental relaxation is designed to access the 95% of the mind that remains blocked to us when we normally use the 5% of our mind in analytical thought, and to experience greater access to creative solutions in our life. In this practice we access our own deep intelligence at the subconscious level through breath, focus and movement, and expand our awareness of the body. This awakens the neurological paths that allow the body’s systems to perform optimally in a coherent way and to activate an elevated awareness. This practice is performed with slow, stepwise motion and instruction.  Level 1 (90 min.)
  • Soul Restoratives Yoga – A special down-tempo class for relaxed stretching and calming the mind. By using different aids (blankets, pillows, etc.) we hold the classical yoga poses longer, leading to a sustained regeneration and restorative relaxation. Mantra singing, adjustments and breathing are integrated. A great course for beginners and end of the week. Level 1 (90 minutes)
  • Serenity Yin Yoga – a gentle practice of holding special positions. The focus is on the expansion and interconnection of fascia as well as on the mindful breathing and meditative spirit. We learn simple but powerful positions in this practice; instead of focusing movements, which are based on muscle strength, we go fully into the strain of joints and tendons and, thus, affect our our bodies through pulling fascial system. A healthy, flexible fascial system is just important to our health as the strength and flexibility of muscles according to the latest findings. The Yin Yoga practice gives you a wonderful new feeling of deep meditation and a sense of your body. Level 1 (90 minutes)

In Gratitude, JaYOGA – Farewell Newsletter

Does the Sky ask, “What shall I become today?”


 A New Beginning in Gratitude, JaYOGA

When we start life as babies, who can say what we will become?  Every life is filled with so many choices, experiences and many challenges for us to grow towards our life’s purpose.  We are miracles of life and evolving ourselves every moment of the day!

When I first arrived in Austria, how could I know how it would change my life?  With JaYOGA came my chance to be with my loving partner, do what I love and to live in Austria, and then to be part of so many of your lives during the past five years.  My learning and growing with you has been an important part of my life’s path, and such a treasure – a source of inspiration, creativity and well-being – I am so grateful to have shared with you in this wonderful location with its loving and opening energies.

And now it is time to shift towards something new.  Although much sooner than I had planned, my classes at JaYOGA will come to a close at the end of September as I return the studio to its former owner.   I’m still open this week, so please join me!

From my time here, Genius Yoga was born.  This is my own special expression of Raja Yoga, also known as the royal road to freedom.  I will continue to teach classes in Innsbruck, but have not yet landed in a space.  I am also now teaching at businesses, hotels and private courses so if any of you have suggestions, contacts or interest in this please let me know.  Contact info is on my genius.yoga website.

And just this week, as I experience a letting go, here comes an uplifting comment from a dear friend:   “Hi Doug, I am in London sitting in a wonderful house in Kensington, going through your notes on Genius Yoga, and I am surprised how many wonderful things have manifested themselves since then, and still do, and how much of the guidance has become second nature to me – foremost gratefulness which opens all the doors!  Thanks, Doug, for genius yoga.”

When one door closes, another opens.  I hope each of you will consider stepping through a new door to join me in my future courses.  My class locations and contact information will be on my new website, genius.yoga and if you can join me, valid pass-blocks will of course be honored.

And yes! There is still this last September week to join me in classes at JaYOGA. We are planning a beautiful Sound Bathing Restorative class on September 30, at 19:00 with live music from our talented local artists.

“And when you come to an end, just step into a new beginning.” – Doug






Namaste, light and love to you all.Doug

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