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The Second Chakra

by Doug Lowe

Why do we need sacred relationships?

How do love and intimacy become unbalanced?

Can I be less dependent on people, things or substances?

Are you happy and grateful for your life?  Or do you find yourself easily disturbed – irritated, angry or often feeling that your life is too difficult. Are you unsatisfied in your love relationships? Do you tend to rely on pills, alcohol, foods or excitement to feel good?  Do you try to control situations or people to avoid difficulties?

These are typical symptoms of the energy imbalance of the second chakra.  You can understand the basic reasons for these conditions and explore your options to bring your life back into a fuller potential for happiness and peace.

Within the second chakra swirl the energies of basic emotions such as desire, fear, anger and despair.   With our life experiences and our minds, we often find these basic emotions showing up as extremes – manifesting in many different ways – that are repeating patterns in our life.

For example, a person who had very little affection or poor living conditions as a child, may have a basic fear of not being good enough or having enough and this can show up as greediness or neediness.  People who are greedy expect to get more than others while people who are needy often become emotionally dependent on others, things or substances.

Here’s another classic example.  Often, a person will be attracted to someone who is similar to their mother or father because they see in that person the type of relationship they understand.  Or perhaps they are attracted to the exact opposite.  Either way, they are using their intuitive and unconscious understanding of how to get what they believe they need in a relationship.   When that relationship fails, they will then find another one, usually just like it, and wonder why they are doomed to repeat the past and end up so unhappy.

The energy within the second chakra is sensitive to the circumstances that will hold a person in “an energetic doorway” that influences our perceptions of events, people and things. The energetic door is simply a set of patterns that get well established for a person within the second chakra, especially during childhood or adolescence and that influence our actions and reactions.  The idea of “unlocking the energetic door” means finding a way to rearrange the patterns in the 2nd chakra.  By bringing these patterns into our full awareness and practicing a few techniques it is possible to ease the strain of living with unfulfilled emotional needs and lead a happier life – one with more satisfying relationships for both individuals.

Of course we think about relationships that exist between you and the people in your life, but what about the relationship you have with yourself?  What about the relationship between you and the substances you ingest – pills, alcohol, tobacco or sweets?  When we start to depend on other people or things to make us feel happier or to ease the painful emotions and thoughts, we are just finding substitutes for our real issues.

The concept of sacred relationships is one that helps us open up our awareness to the potential of restoring balance in many areas of our life.  Our creativity and sexuality are known to be part of our core health.  When the natural feelings and expression of these are denied or shut down, we will simply transform them into other energetic patterns that are usually unhealthy and possibly destructive.

When we become intimate with what really matters to us, we find many of the other things we thought were important to be irrelevant. When we do this with our partners we help to heal one another.  Sexual encounters are some of our most intimate and vulnerable experiences that allow us to give and receive intense pleasure, transform our physical and mental chemistry and expand our consciousness.  Because the second chakra energy is so sensitive to our sexual expression, we can use it as a springboard for expanding our awareness, learning how to be creative, intimate and joyful in what we bring to these experiences.

Discovering and returning to what is most sacred, most meaningful in your soul is a spiritual journey that begins with yourself.  Honesty, openness and willingness are essential.  When you realize the substitutes you accept in place of the treasure you already have, it is easy to let go of the imitations.  When you change yourself, you change everything around you.  Join me for a few hours of exploration and learning…


Balancing the Second Chakra

in Sacred Relationships, Creativity and Sexuality

Workshop – inquire for details

with Doug Lowe (in English).

Doug offers this short course in order to raise your awareness and enlighten you with some practical integrated teachings from yoga, shamanism and energetics.  In this time-space we consider the lower chakra centers and their effects on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  We go deep into the 2nd chakra energy, it’s manifestations and healing process.   We look at our approach to relationships and find ways to restore or maintain your awareness, intuition and creativity and then apply this to your relationships with people, substances or activities.

You can become aware, discern and embrace:

  • – Your inner wisdom for chakra health
  • – Specific techniques to fortify and balance your 2nd chakra
  • – Awareness of weak and strong 2nd chakra
  • – Male and female energies in the 2nd chakra
  • – Reducing drain, pain and loneliness in relationships
  • – Understanding and building sacred relationships
  • – Your creative intuition in intimacy and sexuality

Discover the many ways you can bring the powerfully creative energy of the 2nd chakra into your relationships and sexuality.

Normal price: €30

Location: JaYOGA Studio, Andechsstraße 48, 1. Stock, 6020 Innsbruck AT

Registration: Tel: +43 650 2500189 Email: jayoga1@gmail.com

About the Instructor:

Doug Lowe places the highest value on compassion and spiritual growth in his personal and professional life.  He is a certified yoga teacher, nature enthusiast and seeker of truth.  He founded  Kindred Spirit Connections and is co-owner of JaYOGA, leading retreats, workshops and classes with the vision of helping others explore their spiritual dimension for personal growth.

During the last seven years, Doug has trained in shamanistic practices with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, participated in events with spiritual and shamanic leaders from around the world, and led recovery self-help and meditation groups in the USA and Austria.

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