JaYOGA - Spirit Centered Yoga for Innsbruck

Aufmerksamkeit auf Körper und Geist mit dem Schwerpunkt auf spirituellem Wachstum

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Genius Yoga, Open Course Classes

 Genius Yoga Course Learn more about Genius Yoga Beginning in January 2017 Thursdays, 19:30-21:00 Price: €200 for 10 weeks. This is also an Open Course, which means you can start it at any time or come to single classes, 15 Euro each.    Stretch Yourself Expand your Love of Life Raise your Emotional Intelligence Revitalize from Stress and Fatigue   10 weeks of Training:             Progressively learning skills and tools every week             Unlocking your mind’s abilities to restore and renew             Unleashing your personal power for resilience and happiness In this course you will learn how to: Use mental relaxation to enlarge your sense of self and well-being Assist your body and mind to regenerate from stress, anxiety and fatigue Use your breath and movement to condition yourself to be serene Visualize new attitudes and leave behind harmful habits and thoughts Tap into your inner genius and creatively deal with difficulties Gain sufficient knowledge of key practices to continue them on your own Key Practices in this Course Breathing techniques that super-charge the body’s energy Visualizing Energy Flow Breath Visualization Prana Movement Breathing Ocean Tide Visualization Body Expansion Visualization Energy Center Visualization 6 Asanas (body positions) for Relaxation and Stabilization 12 Asanas (body movements) for increasing Energy and Stamina Summary of Course content: Positions and movements performed with slow, stepwise instruction Soft engagement of muscles, fascia and ligaments for strength and flexibility Practicing of breath and movement to enable more efficient body functions Mental relaxation with movement to expand your perception of your body Powerful visualizations for mental focus and inner resilience Downloads of meditation-relaxations and training slides Benefits... read more
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