JaYOGA - Spirit Centered Yoga für Innsbruck

Aufmerksamkeit auf Körper und Geist mit dem Schwerpunkt auf spirituellem Wachstum


Genius Yoga®

“co-creating the better You”

developed by Doug Lowe

With Genius Yoga you:

  • Tap into the 95% of the brain we do not normally access
  • Use meditation with movement to expand your perception\
  • Activate your energy centers and release blockages
  • Visualize and experience feelings of compassion, gratitude and love
  • Engage both the intention and feelings to evolve you to a future state
  • Open the muscles, fascia and ligaments in a benecial yoga practice

Advantages and Benefits

  • Enables coherence – synchronized throughout the body systems
  • Easily performed, with slow, stepwise motions and instruction
  • Assists the body in releasing distracting emotions and habits
  • Creates a relaxed alertness and clarity for sustained concentration
  • Opens the mind and body to creative solution information

Tap into your inner genius and experience the miracle that is you!  This is a new style of yoga to access the 95% of the mind that remains blocked to us when we are locked into the 5% of our analytical / logical mind, and to experience greater access to creative solutions.  The practice of moving from intention (in the mind) to awareness (of the body) seems to awaken the neurological paths that allow all of the body’s systems to perform optimally in a coherent way, and to activate an elevated awareness.  Beginning with a short meditation designed to move the brain into a synchronized state, we move into the high-gears of appreciation, compassion and joy of the present moment.  In this state, the body responds to movements with high attention, and quickly relaxes enough to release distracting emotions and habits.  We go deep into our own stillness at the edge of our range of motion in several positions, followed by awakening our energy centers with flowing movement, and then allowing the body to restore its natural healing power in an elevated state of consciousness.  This practice is easily performed with slow, stepwise motion and instruction. It brings about a unique mind-body sensation that creates a relaxed alertness and clarity for sustained concentration.



At a Progressive Workshop by Dr. Joe Dispenza, I was sitting on the edge of my seat with the ideas and meditations Joe presented!   His concept that we are all Geniuses with the ability to tap into our unconscious mind, rewire the brain out of negative patterns into higher states of well-being – was connecting everything I had been learning and practicing for the past nine years in yoga, meditation and raising consciousness.

I first learned of Dr. Joe and his inspiring thinking through the film, “What the Bleep Do We Know!?”.  A few years later I was fascinated by his evening lectures at the yoga teacher training at the Sivananda Bahamas Ashram and have followed his outstanding work on the mind, body and quantum entanglement fields.

Returning from the Dr. Joe’s Progressive Workshop and practicing the meditations, I had the idea of incorporating concepts from his meditations with very slow rhythmic movements of the body that emphasize the expansion of space around parts of the body as they move into position.  As I tried and refined the techniques for this practice, I found that the class participants were able to shift into an altered state of body awareness and felt fantastic afterwards.  After one of my classes, a participant said to me you really have to come up with a name for this – I’ve never experienced anything like it in other yoga classes.  And so, Genius Yoga was born.


DougPhoto2-smallDoug Lowe is a certified yoga instructor with a decade of training and teaching many styles of yoga and meditation, and the owner of Kindred Spirit Connections offering yoga in spectacular nature settings in Colorado.  Since 2011 he is also the owner of the JaYOGA Center for Yoga in Innsbruck Austria, where he currently resides and teaches.

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