Genius Yoga – What does the flower ask?

Does the flower ask what shall I become?
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Joy, Peace and Happiness are the states of mind we seek, and yet sometimes the most elusive especially during the Holiday times. We often look outside ourselves in hope of finding them – from others, from things or from places – and perhaps these provide some temporary relief.

Now I celebrate 4 years of loving life in Tirol with my life partner, Anne, and the opening of JaYOGA, plus 10 years of growing in my yoga experiences and learning. This year I also celebrate creating a style of yoga that encourages people to move within, to center and become more present in this moment as they practice with me.

After leading the Genius Yoga classes this summer and fall, I found that people loved it. And the information and practices I was discovering and using were fitting together into something bigger than just a class, so I decided to offer a 10 week course. You can of course read more about Genius Yoga and its benefits, but my point is that the elements of my teaching for all my classes and courses have converged into a new style – a style that so many people have told me “After your class, I am so relaxed, peaceful and seeing things clearly… it’s like a fog has lifted.”

All of my classes now incorporate the elements of the Genius style – guided meditation, breathing, body awareness, heart coherence, stillness and movement. Someone told me that people are put off by the word “Genius”, thinking that it’s a really advanced class. In fact, it’s just the opposite – it’s for beginners and all levels. The elements of each class help to unlock the inner creative genius that each of us has inside – to remove the barriers and self-limitations to our fullest potential, and to access our own intuitive capacity for wisdom, love, joy and peace in our lives.

When the flower grows, there is no question about what it will become. Even this magnificent flower is simply a result of its own unfolding process. Every single living thing holds within itself the majesty to unfold and display its unique intelligence and beauty, but as humans we are conditioned by our experiences to believe so many things about ourselves that are simply not true. Those beliefs result in attitudes and ways of living that hold us back, hide our true nature from ourselves and others and keep us from accessing and believing in our own innate genius. Because what is genius, if not the capacity to be uniquely brilliant, stunning and resourceful at any moment? Trust yourself about this and you will soon be creating a new life for yourself.

Namaste, light and love, my friends,
Doug, December 2015
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