JaYOGA News December 2014 (English)


Live in the Moment with Joy


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Class Schedule Info

Glowing and Growing Together – it’s all about you!

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Old Faithful Geyser – Earth, Water, Air, Fire : Such dreams are we.



Those of you who come regularly may have noticed our new people coming. It has been wonderful to see so many new yogis and yoginis coming to our studio this fall and we hope you will inspire them to more yoga practice.  The more you practice, the more you find yourself growing and glowing – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  And of course many of you must feel you are glowing these days with all the yoga in your life.

The new class schedule is valid from 12 January 2015; it affects all open classes. The beginning of the course (with prior appointment!) depends on the number of participants. So if you want to take a course, so please join in time.

Holiday Classes

Those of you who don’t want a break in your practice will be happy to know we will continue during the Christmas holidays, with a few classes.  We feel it’s important to keep practicing especially during the holidays when stress builds and you have some free time.  Please keep an eye on the schedule for these and join us whenever you can.










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Nadia has been teaching a wonderful blend of her Yoni yoga and Hormone Therapy in a special course on Tuesday nights.  We have decided to make this an openclass starting in January.  This means you can use your block pass for this class, and if you have any times left on your pass for this course, you can continue to use it for this class.

Kundalini Courses

Congratulations to Saranjot in completing her lengthy studies in Kundalini Yoga teacher training!

Most recently, there is now Kundalini Yoga in Innsbruck, and we are the lucky ones who can offer the consciousness Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  Some of us are new to Kundalini Yoga and enjoyed the beginner course with Saranjot Kaur incredible. We are therefore delighted that we have a further Kundalini yoga class can offer in January – if you’re interested, then log in soon – the number of participants is limited.

In addition, we also offer an open regular Kundalini Yoga class; for those who already have knowledge of Kundalini Yoga or have visited the beginner’s course.

Pregnancy Yoga

Many of the pregnant moms have asked that we change this from a course to an open class for some very good reasons.  We heard you!  And so, beginning in January this will be on the open class schedule.  Any of you who still have visits remaining on your course block may use them for the open class.

Mama-Baby Yogakurs

Mama-Baby yoga has been well liked by the pregnant moms (and babies) and we will continue this in January.  You can use your open class blocks to attend the course, but you must still pre-register since we limit the class size so you get full attention.  If you plan to come, please pre-register in time to reserve space for you and the baby!


Notice:  For those interested in the following classes register directly in the respective Yoga teacher.   These are private courses and can not be used for JaYOGA block passes

Entfaltungs – Yoga in JaYOGA with GLÜCKSKIND® Sigrid Mara Gleinser

Sigrid is on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 clock to offer special morning classes. Sigrid brings a unique combination of breathing exercises, yoga asanas and healing in their practice. Read more about this Sigrid’s unfolding yoga class and the prices … more

Living in Health

Yogi tea for warmth during the cold season

1 liter of water
1 cut 3-4 cm fresh piece of ginger into small pieces
Pound 7 black peppercorns
6 cloves crushed
Crushed 8 green cardamom pods
1 cinnamon stick
(your choice: black tea with a tea bag to cook)
(also by choice: 200 ml milk or soy, rice milk add)   Bring to a boil; 10 – simmer for 15 minutes! enjoy

One Moment Please!

Living on and off the Yoga Matt!  By Doug

“Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. The future will take care of itself……”  Pramahansa Yogananda

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Quiet Perception is like a shadow in the mind.

My beloved partner recently asked me if the goal of yoga was to experience the kundalini and if I had ever had that orgasmic surge of energy up the spine.  I had to say no to the first part, but it started a great discussion…  What is the goal of yoga?  Is it like swimming or running – does yoga have a similar goal of improving the body? Why don’t teachers explain the goal of yoga at the beginning of a class so we can achieve it?  “Hmmmph”, I thought, “those are great questions!”

The goal of yoga is moksha – meaning liberation,  self-knowledge and self-realization.  The liberation is from our egos, from our inner critic and from our quest for more and more – that we are not enough.  Self-knowledge implies a fuller awareness of our beliefs, motivations and desires.  Self-realization is like turning on a light – and we see ourselves as beings without the limitations of our beliefs, emotions or desires.

In our ordinary awareness we sense outside ourselves using the five senses, directing our thoughts and energy outwards to other people and things.  With yoga practice we begin to shift our awareness inwards, sensing the subtle energies in the body and our consciousness begins to expand internally.

Entering a peaceful, meditative state of mind and attention on one’s breath are the basis for yoga practice.  Otherwise the yoga positions are just exercise for the body – you might as well be swimming or running…  Nothing wrong with that, but why not really open to the benefit of a full yoga practice?  It’s not about becoming the best; instead it’s about becoming more “you” – who you really are inside.

Our classes emphasize the importance of meditation and breathing, and making the inward journey, step by step.  Whether you practice at home or come to the studio, practice often with this in mind.  You will begin to find that the past is just history, the future is a great mystery and the present moment is where beauty and joy are inside of you.

Om Namah Shivaya!

Doug (Narayan), Dec. 2014


In this special season of the heart and we want to send you our heart-felt gratitude for all of your presences in our studio.

“May you live your life knowing
That everything matters.
That at its depths,
The oneness of all things is a literal truth.
That a kind heart is a significant act
And a delight to the compassionate powers of the universe.
In this season of light, may beauty and hope nourish your soul.” – FSS Greeting
From the JaYOGA Team

Doug Lowe, Anne Le Floch, Yvonne Saranjot Kaur, Helene Krainer, Nadia Damonte-Erhart, Gudrun Berger, Regina Naschberger, Birgit Reheis, Martina Niederbacher

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