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Private Yoga Sessions: Yoga Your Way!

Private classes with Doug

I love Yoga!  And in my private sessions with you or your group, we can explore many dimensions of yoga to whatever depth you like.  I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching for over 5 years.

One of my specialties is teaching people new to yoga how to practice.  This includes those with health problems, disabilities and people recovering from illnesses.  For our sessions together, we look at the holistic goals for the person or group and design our experience from this.  I recommend 90 minute sessions, but of course shorter or longer are also options.

Emotional stress, repetitive movement, too much sitting and our regular exposure to toxins are well known to have cumulative negative effects on our physical and mental health.  Through yoga practices we can alleviate these effects and help restore your sense of well-being.

I teach in a gentle style, but aimed at the level of the participants, so if you have practiced yoga before, we can go deeper into the experience.  Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga are also specialties for me.   Attention and encouragement are foundations of my teaching style, and we learn together about exploring limits, “quieting the inner critic” and finding balance in our physical and emotional natures.

Individual or Group Sessions

  • For your personal private classes
  • For small or larger groups
  • Each session helping you towards your goals
  • Effective for stress reduction and health

In our Studio, Your Home, Office, Hotels

  • Private time in our studio (1-15 people)
  • In your home, at your convenience
  • Offer stress reduction classes for the office!
  • Matts and props are provided

A few ideas for you…

  • Introductory classes for learning yoga at your own pace
  • Specialized Yoga for recovery after injury or clinic rehabilitation
  • Develop your yoga sequencing and safe flow of movement
  • Breath techniques for relief from asthma, bronchitis or respiratory illness
  • Boost your practice with challenging poses, alignments and modifications

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In Studio


Please call for appointments, normally available in late afternoon or evenings.

Other times may be possible,
including Weekends and Holidays

In Home or Business


Afternoons:  Thursdays or Fridays

Other times may be possible,
including Weekends and Holidays

True Nature Yoga


by Appointment only

Weekends and Holidays

Private Sessions

It’s all about you or your group! Let me help you move toward your goals.  In our session we can explore the many ways that bring physical, mental and spiritual wellness into your life as we work on the corporal and subtle body.

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It’s important to have fun and enjoy your practice.  My sessions are usually a mix of laughter, concentration and appreciating the moments when we relax.  I love to meditate, breath, chant, move, sit still, challenge myself, catch myself slacking off, and then find myself completely restored after a class.  I can help you do the same, no matter what your current condition or personal goals.  Learn how to motivate yourself to practice and to love yourself more every time you do!

I help you design and learn to practice the elements of yoga that will be most useful in reaching your goals.  You and your friends or family can ask questions, learn the modifications you need in the poses to begin and feel confident. I use the basic practices of breath work (pranayama), the postures and movements (asanas) and the meditative withdrawal from the senses (pratyahara), and adapt these to your needs.  Children, seniors and disabilities are never a problem in my sessions – we work with what is.

True Nature Yoga

Practicing yoga in nature is an especially powerful way to bring your intentions to full realization, and I offer this as an option for individuals or groups who are ready to experience the power of a spirit-filled day.  We let nature work on us and for us, as we evolve with our yoga.

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The concept of our true nature is deeply connected to the yogic philosophy that we are “satchidananda” (existence, knowledge and bliss absolute).  That we have a spiritual purpose to evolve towards this state by allowing our minds to become clearer, lighter and filled with joy.  To do this we must let go of  attachments to the senses, to pleasures and pains, and to desires and fears. Under the best of circumstances, we know that personal change can be difficult to start and carry through.  We need every edge we can find to make the leap into the new space.   The term True Nature Yoga is my concept for giving us that edge.


On a day or a weekend retreat with a few fellow journeyers, there can be many beautiful outcomes.  Just consider the possibilities as you allow yourself to find space from all that might hinder your physical, spiritual, and mental growth.   You may find that you showed up at exactly the right time in your life to see yourself more clearly.  Nature and yoga are gifts to us providing us an edge to evolve.  Allow yourself to experience a power-filled day!


Pricing Options

Yoga for You!

Individual or Group Sesssions

In our Studio, Your Home or Office

Yoga your way!

  • Create your own practice for home
  • Strengthen yourself with a program designed for you
  • Privately organize classes for friends or businesses
  • Use our Studio, your home or your business location
  • Enjoy your yoga outdoors in the beauty of nature
  • Create a special retreat for a weekend experience

Studio Appointments

 Individuals or 1-2 persons!

Per Session (90 min)        90€

3x  Sessions (90 min)     250€

5 or more Sessions         70€ / session
paid in advance                              

At Home or your Office

We bring the Yoga to YOU!

1-5 Person Session (90 min)               120€

      Yoga for the Office                           250€
(6+ persons, 75-90 min)                             

Price includes reasonable travel within Innsbruck area

True Nature Yoga

Events or Custom Retreats

1/2 Day Retreats              250 € 

Day Retreats                   400 € / Day

Travel time and costs are additional.

Prices include MWST.   Pre-payment is required after confirmation of your appointment.

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