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In Balance in the Springtime



Class Schedule  –  Update!

Find your Balance!

Spring is a wonderful time to explore your balance and stretch your yoga practice.  After the so-called winter here, you might like to take advantage of our cool classes, individual attention and great teachers.

There are a few changes in scheduled courses so please check our on-line schedule and announcements before coming to the studio.

  • A new beginner’s Class: On Wednesday evenings, starting on 21. Mai at 19:30, a Beginner’s Vinyasa Class will be offered. (with Martina Niederbacher who is new to the JaYOGA Team. )
  • A free class, First Steps in Meditation occurs on Fridays at 19:15 .  Please arrive a few minutes before.  More Info…
  • Die “Stress-frei Yoga” yoga has moved to Wednesdays at 13:00.  More Info…


10.5.2014, Saturday 13:30-16:30 : CHI YOGA Workshop, mit Evelin Martin,

Entdecke deine positive Energie! ChiYoga, der fließende Hatha Yoga-Stil mit Musik verbessert die Beweglichkeit, fördert die Vitalität und entspannt den Geist. ChiYoga ist ein wohltuendes Ganzkörpertraining in der heutigen Zeit!

Preis 45,– Euro.  Kontakt M: +49.175.5246653,   email: info@vitalino.com oder www.vitalino.com



Attention  Easter Holiday Schedule:

The JaYOGA Studio is open on the following days:

  • Karfreitag, 18.4.2014, Restoratives Yoga, 17:30 Uhr
  • Ostersonntag , 20.4.14, Warm Vinyasa, 11:00 Uhr
  • Ostermontag, 21.4.2014 – nur 17:30 Uhr Klasse!
  • Staatsfeiertag Donnerstag, 1.5.2014, nur 17:30 Uhr Klasse!

The Mama-Baby Yoga Course continues on Thursdays, 13:30-14:45.  Register anytime – space is still available!!

You can still register for 8 weeks, because the class will continue.   Babies should be between 6 weeks and 4 months in age.

The World Yoga Day was on Sunday the 23 Febuary!   Thank you to all of you who joined us that day in celebration of yoga with thousands of other yoga centers.  We raised 40 Eu. For the Syrian human rights cause.  Right on!

A special DoppleSchuppern Pass for newcomers and old friends.  For 15 you can come twice as easily as once.  If you haven’t visited us in over a year, please consider yourself as new and take advantage of the double pass for a re-start of your yoga with us!


Inspiration in Every Day
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Verlangsamen Sie sich und ausgleichen Sie sich – von Yvonne aus Indien

 TEE GEGEN ERKÄLTUNG  (so ähnlich kennt man das auch bei uns als Hausmittel)

3 cm Ingwer
200 g Minze
2 Stangen Zitronengras
Saft von ½ – 1 Zitrone

1 Liter Wasser

Schneide den Ingwer, die Minze und das Zitronengras in kleine Stücke und gib diese in einen Topf mit Wasser. Jetzt alles aufkochen und 20 Minuten köcheln lassen. Dann ab seien. Den Tee mit viel Honig und frischer Zitrone anrichten. Dieser Tee wärmt von innen, hilft gegen Erkältung und Infektionen und schmeckt auch noch super!! Eine andere, schnelle Option ist auch der Yogi Tee Ginger/Zitrone. Gibt’s im Reformhaus.

A Personal Yoga Story

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A new Yoga teacher joins JaYOGA

Martina completed her yoga training through the Yoga Academy Austria (certificate of the internationally recognized Yoga Alliance) in April 2013 and will step in until further notice as the representative of evening classes (except Yoga for pregnant women).

She was inspired by her holiday in Sri Lanka, after which she trained for Ayurveda therapist about the Yoni Academy, followed by yoga. In March, this was followed by a further training for children yoga teacher and as of May training in yoga therapy with Remo Rittner.

My focus is to get to know yourself better in yoga in compliance with the own comfort limit, ie, themselves do not hurt and let go through conscious breathing and taking in more and more of stressful factors to return to joy, harmony and bliss.

Martina will teach Vinyasa beginner lessons at 19:30 clock from Wednesday, May 21. Come and see their wonderful energy and enthusiasm for yoga.


Practical Tips for the Yoga-mat

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Equinox of the Heart – by Doug

When it comes time for the spring equinox, it reminds me that often I’m out of balance in my life – between work and home, exercise and rest, being right and harmony  – and that I need to consider how to re-balance.  Where do I start?

There is a beautiful quotation that reminds us where to start:

If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character. If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.

– Confucian tradition

So if we start with the heart, we may begin to gain more of a balance.  Meditation is one way of really moving into the heart and understanding yourself and others on a deeper level.  It helps one to move away from my “mind” – my need to know why and be always in the right.  The deeper level one finds in meditation is a sensing level of what is true, and not so much about what one believes or what one wants.  This quote reminds us that peace in the home, the nation and world starts with each of us, within our hearts.

Personally, when I meditate, it allows me to drop resentments, disagreements and worries.  I calm down and take it easy.  I gain perspective and context on situations that wouldn’t normally have, and in addition I feel like I make better choices about the balance points in my life:  leave the office work at the office,  go to a yoga class I know will help me, don’t worry so much about what other’s think.

Morning or evening meditation is a perfect way to take a small step toward balancing – even a few minutes of it is immensely helpful.  If you’ve never meditated or want some more practice, you can join me on Friday evenings for a free time of learning to meditate.  It’s how I started and really, we’re all beginners, when it comes to settling down the mind.


Doug, April 2014


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