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 with Mr. Doug Lowe and Ms. Anne Le Floch-Payr, MBA

…Imagine that your spirit is not only in you, but in all other beings and everything that is—Deepak Chopra.



Saturday June 1, 2013 9:00 – 15:00
Location  to be announced.

Registrations Accepted until May 15, 2012  – REGISTER NOW

Energy Exchange: €100 per person,
To register, REGISTER NOW or contact us at:+43 650 2500189 or

 Goals of the program are designed for us to have rejuvenation  self-discovery opportunities filled with yoga, important life-topic discussions, and nature experiences in a beautiful mountain setting near Innsbruck.  Intriguing advanced conversation based on the philosophy and spiritual writings of a number of authors will be discussed, including Dr. Deepak Chopra, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Michael Harner, Patanjali, Dr. Stephen Farmer and Thicht Nhat Hahn.

Topics discussed will include a variety of thought from Eastern and Western philosophers, psychologists, spiritualists, lessons from nature’s wisdom, ancient teachings about spirit/nature encounters, opening yourself to nature’s messages, and aligning with the rhythm of nature.  The retreat content will be adjusted according to the interests of the group in attendance.

Yoga will be led by Mr. Doug Lowe.  Yoga is a spiritual practice that aligns closely with the topics covered.  Previous yoga experience of the participants is not required, and the emphasis will be on gentle stretching, breathing and relaxation as we take time to honor our physical bodies and explore our connection to nature and our inner sense of self.

Nature attunement and journeying will be led by Ms. Anne Le Floch-Payr, MBA.  Journeying and nature attunement are practices within shamanism that allow deep connection of self to the spirit world in uncovering answers to questions and repeating patterns presenting themselves in our lives.  No prior experience in shamanism or journeying are required.

Anne Le Floch-Payr, MBA is a shamanic practitioner, spiritual healer and co-owner of JaYOGA studio in Innsbruck.  She has studied shamanism under several teachers within the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and is currently completing a 3 year program of Advanced Study.   She has also been involved in leading recovery group practice and leadership in Innsbruck.  In addition to teaching and practicing shamanism, Ms. Payr has practical wisdom to share about spiritual growth, recovery from depression and healing practices within nature.

Doug Lowe is a certified yoga teacher, nature enthusiast, spiritual healer and founder of Kindred Spirit Connections ( and co-owner of JaYOGA studio (  in Innsbruck.  He has been involved in recovery group practice and leadership Colorado, USA and Innsbruck.  In addition to the teaching yoga, Mr. Lowe’s practice includes yogic philosophy (Vedanta), Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness with focus on nature’s experiences.  Mr Lowe is also a shamanic practitioner and student of Advanced Study with Dr. Michael Harner Foundation of Shamanic Studies and Dr. Alberto Villaldo.



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