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When I look up at the night sky, especially on a clear night, I see the light from stars that has travelled for millions of years to reach my retina; and yet, because those very photons are part of those stars, there is no distance between us.

It is only my intellect that revels in such distinctions – here and there, this and that, light and dark, you and I.  It is my delusion, our collusion and the world’s confusion.  Isn’t it just my little ego striving to make my mind a better place that drives me to label, separate, analyze and qualify?  As a by-product of this self-service, I get to see myself as distinct, unique and important in trivial ways of the world.  Possibly the center of the universe, hmmmm…  and in that sense, the absurdity is completely laughable.

When I look into the eyes of anyone I meet, I need to remember there is no distance between us.   We are like starlight ourselves – the word made flesh; a vibrational state of something less than particles that has formed within the cosmic intelligence.  Being one, I am one – no less and no more.  Connected, unified and omnipresent, my spirit is me, it is you and it is all.

At a recent retreat I was given these words by spirit:

I am starlight
Beyond space and time
And I came here to be with you.
My heart is light.
My voice is light.
My eyes are light.
My mind is light.
I know neither day nor night
As I circle the world
Connected with each of you,
I am starlight.
I am starlight.

Om Shantih,

Narayan, June 2011

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